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A New Kind Of Vacation Ghost Hunter Weekends And Paranormal Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is always evolving. What was popular with tourists yesterday may not be popular with them today. What is consistent is tourists desire to do something or see something different. Eco-tourism and adventure tourism have become a major trend in the travel industry. However, over the past years we have also seen the rise of niche market holidays that have been tailor-made to appeal to individual’s hobbies and interests such as gourmet and cooking vacations, garden tours, or scuba holidays. Add to the mix a decidedly different kind of tourist the ghost hunter.

Today there are hundreds of different companies, groups, and clubs that offer a diverse variety of ghost tours and paranormal holidays. Paranormal tourism can range from a short guided walking tour though the historic section of town, visiting grave yards and old jails like Charleston, South Carolina’s Ghost Walks, to groups with names such as Supernatural Entity Anomaly Research & Cryptid Hunters or the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association who seriously investigate all aspects of the paranormal and the occult. Armed with electromagnetic field meters, cameras and tape recorders, these investigators take ghost hunting to a whole new level.

Naturally with its rich history and many ancient castles, ghost hunters have for years been travelling throughout Ireland and Great Britain hoping for a chance encounter with a ghost. In the UK, there are numerous ghost tours available to choose from. The Haunted Hotel Guide lists over 450 haunted hotels and haunted castles that offer a wide variety of haunted weekend adventures. Tourists even have the chance to team up with paranormal investigators in order to get the most excitement out of their haunted hotel stay. Guests from all over the world come to the UK for the unique experience of sleeping in a historic castle or a haunted inn and perhaps the chance of a haunting.

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The Holiday Packages Are Incomplete If You Aren’t Secure!

These days, people prefer to take up holiday packages for their holiday trips, rather than booking things separately. This makes it easier for them to keep a check on their expenses and also, save money. Also, there is no need for a lot of planning and putting efforts in creating an itinerary. Actually, people barely possess the time to precisely look upon all the minute details nowadays. Therefore, something that does not consume much time and is pocket-friendly becomes the best way out. In addition, the all inclusive holiday packages are the most favorable because they come with an already prepared schedule for the journey.

The package includes everything from travelling to staying in a hotel or holiday resort; from food to sightseeing; and from various activities to all types of luxury facilities. One additional thing that your tour package should comprise of is your security. Usually, when you visit a new country, state, or city for your holiday trip, you should put extra emphasis on your safety. Unfamiliar with the entire setting and lifestyle of the place, requires you to take good care of yourself as well as your friends and family. Hence, ensure that one of the many travel companies that you book your package at, is reliable and offers complete safety along with the holiday package.

On the whole, your personal security is your own responsibility as well. Keep in mind some basic rules, while you travel different parts of the world with your family, friends, relatives, or even alone. The tourists should always stay in groups, irrespective of any holiday destination they visit. Being together in a group of five or more makes it easier to fight back certain problems that you might face during a trip. Also, staying in a group helps you enjoy more and explore the place better. While on the tour, you might come across a large variety of people, some out of whom belong to the same country or city that you are touring, and others might be tourists as you. Do not get involved with the ones that you do not feel comfortable talking to or those, who seem weird to you.

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For a Great Holiday Experience Head out to Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a fun and exciting destination for people of all ages and stages. With sun-kissed beaches, exotic animals and exhilarating rides, your trip to the Gold Coast will always remain memorable. For detailed location information on tourist attractions get the . Some of the places you should add to your itinerary have been listed below.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: Get up and close to the cutest native Aussie and exotic wildlife. You can cuddle a koala or experience the wild lorikeet feeding. Besides watching the wildlife, you can enjoy bushwalking, walking trails and bird watching at this beautiful parkland. Take your kids to the Wild Island, which is a fun-filled outdoor adventure playground with an interactive science activity zone.

The Wax Museum: Haven’t met any celebrities in real life? No problem, at the Wax museum click pictures with wax statues of celebrities. The Wax Museum features two main sections – World in Wax and Chamber of Horrors. The World in Wax provides a series of snapshots of the people who have shaped and continue to shape our lives. The Chamber of Horrors features an exhibit of torture methods and devices used during different historical periods. You can save on the ticket cost if you avail the .

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Four Different Types of Rooms for a Cruise Ship Vacation

An Alaskan cruise vacation can be one of the most exciting and memorable types of vacations in the world. There are all sorts of considerations to use for these vacations though. These in particular are the types of rooms that are available on many of the Alaskan cruise liners.

There are four different types of Alaskan cruise liners vacation rooms.

1) Interior Type of Room
The Interior type of room is the least expensive of these rooms. This is a type of room that is located on the interior area of the ship hence the name. It does not have any windows but it does have many of the features that a variety of different rooms on an Alaskan cruise liner will have. The general thing about these rooms is that there are usually single beds but in some cases there can be double beds available. What’s more is that there can be two or four passenger rooms in different cases. Contacting the group that offers the cruise for more information is always a helpful thing to do.

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The Ultimate Golf Trip In The Mountains

If you love to golf and want to make your holiday filled with beautiful greens and extensive courses, you have to check out Whistler’s golfing experience. There are many options for an entire golf holiday getaway. Everything will be included- accommodation, tee times at every gold course Whistler offers, transportation, and more. The options for golf getaways hosted in Whistler make planning the ultimate golf trip very easy. Not only will you get to golf at some of the best courses in Canada, you can experience the rest of what Whistler has to offer. In the summer it is beautiful and sunny. You can head to one of the four lakes, hike on Whistler Mountain, or zip line through the forest. You won’t regret making your next golfing vacation a Whistler golfing vacation.

There are four major golf courses to check out when you visit Whistler. , the Whistler Golf Course, Big Sky Golf Course, and Nicklaus North. All four have something different to offer, and varying courses with levels of difficulty. Three of the courses are situated right in Whistler, very close to most hotels. Big Sky is slightly further north in Pemberton. Though farther out, this is a course well worth going to, it is most people’s favorite to golf. There are beautiful views, and a great place for lunch to top it off. If you want to try out another course while you’re in the area, Furry Creek Golf Course, 45 minutes south of Whistler is another course to check out. This overlooks Howe Sound in Squamish. This very challenging course goes all over the area, going up hill and back down near the ocean.

To have the perfect Gold getaway all you need is to get your friends and family together, check out the accommodations, and then hit the courses. If you want an entire golf holiday already planned for you that is available as well. Just make sure to do your research online for some good deals. Try coming later in the summer, the end of September and early October to get really great deals on vacations. This is one of the best times, as the town is empty and you have the course to yourself. is a beautiful town, and a fabulous choice for your next golf getaway. Check out at for comprehensive transit solutions in and around Whistler and head up to Whistler!