An ideal camp adventure travel to South America

Travelling is something that everyone loves especially when you have a group of friends with you having crazy ideas of adventure in their minds. Summers are coming popping up the freaking ideas in every joy seeker’s mind. It is the time when you are finally going to get your routine changed. You will love not going to the college and hanging out with your friends. Playing games, watching movies, thrilling drives, and dancing nights are all over to think about. Adventure travel is always fun in such situations. When planning your adventure travel to South , you must plan the spots where you can stop and have fun. Here are some places you must not miss when travelling to South America

Argentina:Argentina is the second largest country in the region of South America.It comprises of 52 provinces and various famous cities that are rich in their own culture. It has numerous tourist spots and locations that you will find worth seeing. You will find variety of sausages, pasta, steak, desserts and various other best cuisines. They have their own special sausages and sandwiches. You will also find many theatres and cinemas where you can have fun with friends. If you are a history lover, you will get to know many things you never knew before. If you are choosing Argentina to invade, never miss the following tourist centers.

Ischigualasto in San Juan.
Buenos Aires, capital and most visited city in South America.
Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park in Santa Cruz.
Desert Lake in Fitz Roy in Argentine Patagonia.
Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, the largest ski center in Latin America.
NahuelHuapi Lake in Rio Negro.
Vineyard in Mendoza.
The Pampas near to the Sierras de Crdoba.
Purmamarca, in Jujuy.
Tolar Grande in Salta.

Brazil: Brazil is often selected for adventure travel to South America due to its popularity. It is the largest country in the South America region. It is all over bounded by AtlanticOcean which gives it a great ambiance. It is an attraction for foreign visitors. In 2008, 5 million foreign visitors were recorded. It contains world’s best cocoa, coffee and chocolate which makes it prominent in the world of cakes, pastries and coffee. If you are a sports lover, you must be aware of the wonderful Brazilian football team. You can witness many local matches among their teams and have fun. Here are some famous spots in Brazil which you must visit.

Teatro Amazonas in Manaus
Fernando de Noronha
Historic Center of Olinda
Salvador Beaches
Rio Carnival in in Rio de Janeiro
Amazon river
Iguazu Falls in the border between Brazil and Argentina
Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

Other than argentine and Brazil, there are many other beautiful countries like Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay, Peru etc. you can select between these depending upon your choice, weather, recreation and mood. South is a miraculous place for adventure travel..

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