Puerto Galera A Philippines Travel Destination For Diving Enthusiasts

Puerto Galera is one Philippines travel destination you should not miss out on going. It is conveniently located north of Mindoro island and is about 160km from the countrys capital, Manila. In the past, Puerto Galera was a port that catered to Spanish Galleons that sought refuge from storms and typhoons. Literally translated, Puerto Galera is known as the Port of Galleon.

Today, however, the place has become renowned as having the best diving spots in the world. It is also where you will go if you are interested in outdoor activities. Yes, you can trek on the sea-front hills in the area but what lies beneath those crystal clear blue waters gives a more pleasant view. Twenty or more excellent dive sites await experienced and newbie divers alike. The diving industry supports the economy of Puerto Galera with several foreigners opening dive shops to cater to their races and hiring locals for staffing purposes.

If you love diving, then Puerto Galera is the place for you. With its inexpensive rates and good accommodations, you can surely enjoy your time underwater to escape all the hustle and bustle of everyday living. But if you arent fond of diving, you can always spend time in the sandy white beaches of this Philippines travel destination. If fresh water is your thing, then enjoy watching the Tamaraw Falls. This is an elegant display of cascading falls that are a sight to behold to passers-by.

Culturally speaking, you can get a dose of ancient artifacts in the Excavation Museum. This museum houses Siamese and Chinese pottery and some Ming Dynasty Burial Jars.

You can reach Puerto Galera by taking a bus in Cubao and Buendia and subsequently boarding a ferry boat in the Batangas City Pier. Here, you have the option of choosing the point of entry in Puerto Galera.

If youre planning for a trip to Puerto Galera in the Philippines and you reside in Canada, visit a Toronto travel agency which specializes in Philippine packages to save money for your holiday.

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